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Our Services.

We offer complete services to all of the following and more.

It can't be stressed enough that backups are an essential part of data security and recovery. We offer clients, big or small, the ability to backup all their important files and folders to a secure cloud server with built in redundancy where our clients can access their data from anywhere in the world via Internet connection. Don't get caught without your critical data. Whether you lose it from a hard drive crash, system failure, or hackers, make sure you're covered. Contact us for more info.
We provide full range of networking services to residential and business clients. Be it setting up routers, switches, patch panels, range extenders for wi-fi, or even establishing server services such as Active Directory, we have you covered. We can diagnose connectivity issues and implement cost effective solutions to fit your budget to get you up and running again. Need to share resources on your network in a safe secure way? We’re here to provide those answers.
If you find yourself in need of some graphical development and designs, we can help. We have all the necessary resources, experience, and imagination to help with your projects.
Looking to get a little more zip out of that old laptop or PC? Need to extend its life expectancy? Want to build a gaming PC with all the bells and whistles. We have years of experience providing upgrades and custom builds for every situation.
These days security is certainly regarded as one of the top key topics related to computers and networks. Whether you’re a home user or need to provide your business with protection, we can perform security audits and provide solid advice based on our findings. We can also provide remote camera, motion sensor, and intrusion sensor installations to help you monitor and secure your valuables and deter potential losses.
Wireless devices and home automation have become extremely popular these days. With the advent of smart products (fridges, dishwashers, TVs, lights, blinds, thermostats, and so much more), homeowners and businesses alike are looking forward to the future where automation, voice activated commands, and the convenience of having all of these options available at your fingertips to control via cell phone, tablets or other devices. This is now a reality, and we can offer assistance in these areas as well as provide security guidelines during the planning and installations of these technologies.
Are you tired of paying an exuberant amount of money for Internet, phone lines, Satellite TV, or cable and getting nothing but reruns or shows with so many commercials it just about drives you crazy? Time to cut the cord and take control. We can advise you on your best alternatives according to your personal situations and needs. Even if you just need help consolidating your entertainment components to all work together, give us a call, we’d be happy to help any way we can.
With over 15 years of web development and design, we can offer our clients the most current, dynamic, user friendly, interactive, and cost-effective products. We can help you with selecting host providers and domains, establish continuity in your branding, business email services, SEO, and secure checkout options for your site.
Digitally, the electronics world is run by databases. To store massive amounts of data, manipulate and extrapolate information that makes sense to users and/or other electronic devices, databases play a crucial part to this type of communication and information distribution. Big or small, applications on phones, tablets, computers all rely on databases to operate properly. Even websites are extremely reliant on databases for their content and structure. SQL, (Structured Query Language), is the programming language that makes the interaction with databases possible. With over 15 years of experience in database management and SQL programming, our expertise is sure to be an asset to any related projects you may need.
Cell phones and tablets are great to have but unfortunately, they can also be unforgiving when it comes to durability. Designed for mobility, they also have a great tendency to succumb to the power of gravity. When the day comes, and it will, that you need the screen replaced or maybe the battery replaced, come pay us a visit. We’d be happy to get you mobile again.
Looking for some advice on what to get for your next computer. PC, laptop, tablet, hybrid, new, used, or refurbished. We can guide you through all the mumbo jumbo and get you exactly what you need at a price that will fit you budget. We also offer great prices on popular software and related hardware.


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Please note that an initial $40.00 fee applies for any computer being diagnosed or consulting being offered.

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